Upgrade your manufacturing process today with the cutting-edge technology of laser cutting. Choose us for Unmatched accuracy and repeatability.

  • Fast and efficient production.
  • Unmatched accuracy and repeatability.
  • Versatility in cutting a wide range of materials.
  • Minimal waste and improved quality.
  • Safe and environment-friendly process.

What is CNC Laser Cutting

CNC Laser Cutting is a manufacturing process that uses a laser beam to cut materials into specific shapes and designs. The laser beam is directed onto the surface of the material and precisely melts, burns, or vaporizes it, leaving a clean, precise edge. It is a non-contact process with the ability to produce multiple cuts in quick succession and it leaves a smooth, polished edge that requires minimal post-processing. This makes laser cutting an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, including the production of prototypes, custom products, and intricate designs.

Why do we need CNC Laser Cutting

  • Speed : CNC Laser-cutting machines can produce multiple cuts in quick succession, making it a fast and efficient manufacturing method.
  • Non-contact process : Unlike traditional cutting methods, CNC laser-cutting is a non-contact process, which means it does not generate any physical stress on the material being cut.
  • Improved Quality : The precise cut produced by CNC laser-cutting helps to reduce waste, improve consistency and increase the overall quality of the final product.
  • High Accuracy : CNC Laser-cutting produces precise cuts with high accuracy making it ideal for producing complex designs and shapes.
  • Consistency : It is a consistent process that produces the same result each time, providing a high level of quality control and reliability.
  • These are some of the reasons why CNC laser cutting is the popular choice in the manufacturing process.

How and where is it used

CNC laser cutting is used in a variety of industries and applications and can be used on a wide range of materials for both small and large-scale production projects.

  • Design : Laser cutting is used to produce sculptures, jewellery and other works of art with intricate designs and precise details.
  • Construction : Laser cutting is commonly used for cutting metal sheets, profiles and tubes for steel structures, as well as for cutting metal components such as bolts and brackets.
  • Manufacturing : It is often used in combination with other manufacturing processes, such as bending, welding and stamping, to produce finished products. It is used in producing automotive parts like body panels, exhaust systems, engine components and precise, light weight parts for aircraft and space engines.
  • Electrical : Laser cutting is used to produce intricate patterns and precision components in the electronic industry, which includes printed circuit boards, microchips, sensors, network switches and more.
  • These are just a few of the many industries and applications that use laser-cutting technology.

Importance of CNC Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a valuable manufacturing process that offers numerous advantages over traditional cutting methods.

  • It allows manufacturers to produce intricate shapes and designs with high tolerances and help them achieve a higher level of precision than traditional cutting methods like mechanical cutting.
  • It is important in industries where consistent quality is a critical requirement.
  • It is a suitable and efficient process to quickly produce large quantities of parts and components in a short period of time.
  • Compared to traditional cutting methods it is not limited to the types of materials they cut, making it a versatile choice for manufacturers.
  • It is an environmentally friendly safe process that does not produce hazardous fumes or waste.

Industrial Applications & Precision Laser Cutting

Precision laser cutting is a versatile technology that has a wide range of industrial applications. Its ability to work with a variety of materials, and its suitability for both prototyping and large-scale production, make it a popular choice for many industries. Some of the key industries that utilize precision laser cutting include:

  • Automotive : Precision laser cutting is used to produce a wide range of automotive components, including engine parts, exhaust systems, and body panels.
  • Aerospace : The aerospace industry relies on precision laser cutting to produce complex parts for aircraft and spacecraft, such as wing structures, landing gear, and engine components.
  • Medical : The medical industry uses precision laser cutting to produce precision parts and components for medical equipment and devices, such as surgical instruments and implantable devices.
  • Electronics : The electronics industry utilizes precision laser cutting to create precise parts and components for electronic devices and equipment.
  • Industrial manufacturing : Precision laser cutting is used in industrial manufacturing to create a wide range of parts and components for machinery and equipment.
  • Fabrication and Construction : Precision laser cutting is widely used in the fabrication and construction industry, for cutting metal and other materials for building components such as metal frames, ductwork, and architectural features.
  • These are just a few examples of the many industries that rely on precision laser cutting to produce high-quality, precise parts and components. With its many benefits, precision laser cutting is a versatile technology that can be used in a wide range of applications and industries.

CNC Laser Cutting Capabilities at SB Engineering

At SB Engineering, we are experts in providing a wide range of laser cutting services, including prototyping, fabrication, and contract cutting with global standards. We can handle small prototype orders as well as larger production runs, and we pride ourselves on our fast lead times and precision cutting. Our advanced laser cutting machines can cut through materials with various ranging thicknesses. We can work with various file formats and materials including Aluminum, Cold-rolled steel, Galvanized steel, Hot-rolled steel, and Stainless steel.
Moreover, we offer various other services to meet the needs of our customers, such as assembly, forming, polishing, CNC machining, finishing, powder coating punching. Our goal is to provide our customers with comprehensive, high-quality CNC laser-cutting services that meet all of their needs and exceed their expectations. With our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced team of professionals, we are able to deliver precise and efficient cutting services that meet the highest industry standards.

2D and 3D CNC Laser Cutting

2D and 3D CNC laser cutting is an advanced technology that uses a high-powered laser beam to cut through metal sheets and plates with precision and accuracy. This technology is widely used in the manufacturing industry for its speed, efficiency, and versatility. SB Engineering is a leading provider of 2D and 3D CNC laser cutting services, offering high-quality cutting solutions to a wide range of industries.

CNC 3D Tube Laser Cutting

CNC tube laser cutting is a type of advanced technology used in metal fabrication that involves using a laser to precisely cut and shape metal tubes. This process is highly automated and uses Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology to guide the laser, ensuring precise and accurate cuts. CNC tube laser cutting is commonly used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and construction, where precision and accuracy are critical. It allows for faster and more efficient production, as well as the ability to create complex designs and shapes that may not be possible with traditional cutting methods. SB Engineering is a top-notch service provider for CNC tube laser cutting, offering superior cutting solutions to cater to the needs of diverse industries.

CNC Tube Laser Cutting Capabilities at SB Engineering

  • Design : Pipe, Square Tube, Rectangle Tube, Channel
  • Bed Size : 25 mm (Min.) to 200 mm (Max.) Width x 6000 mm Length
  • Rotation : 360 o

CNC 2D Sheet Laser Cutting

SB Engineering is a premium provider of CNC sheet laser cutting services, utilizing cutting-edge technology to achieve exceptional precision and speed when cutting flat sheets of metal. With a wide range of applications across various industries, CNC sheet laser cutting is a highly advanced manufacturing process that produces high-quality parts and components. Trust SB Engineering to deliver top-of-the-line CNC sheet laser cutting solutions to meet all your needs.

CNC Sheet Laser Cutting Capabilities at SB Engineering

  • No. Of Machines : 3NOS
  • Bed Size : 2000 mm Width x 6000 mm Length
  • Material Range : M.S. - 0.5 to 20 mm : S.S. - 0.5 mm to 12 mm : Alu – 0.8 to 8 mm : G.I. - 0.5 mm to 3mm